The books on oil – Small bibliography

We want to collect, in this small bibliography, the books that, in our opinion, best tell the culture and tradition of Italian quality oil.

By Andrea Perini, edited by Marco Gemelli, photographs by Luca Managlia

“A journey through the recipes of the Tuscan talent Andrea Perini, considered the” chef of extra virgin olive oil “, but also a journey that leads from the tree to the table, through the words of some of the most authoritative characters in the world of extra virgin olive oil. Trentagocce contains the iconic dishes of the young and award-winning chef, made with as many Italian EVO oils from different regions (Umbria, Puglia, Sicily, Calabria, Trentino, Lazio, Campania, Marche, Sardinia, Tuscany and Liguria) but united by the highest quality, and reviews the entire production process. A series of experts – tasters, journalists, historians, doctors, technicians – analyzes the phenomenon of extra virgin olive oil from every possible angle, in every aspect: from the way of cultivating olive trees to how to press olives, from the use of EVO oil in ancient history up to use in contemporary fine dining or in distillation and mixology. And again: the blendings, the phenomenon of oleotourism, the way in which this Italian excellence is perceived on international markets, the nutritional and organoleptic properties of EVO oil, the ideal glasses for its tasting, as well as the tasting considered both from a technical point of view as well as from a more hedonistic one. Thirty-drops offers an in-depth study on the biodiversity of cultivars in Italy and tells about some of the most active consortia and associations. The result is a text dedicated to enthusiasts and technicians, which adds a small brick in the construction of that extra virgin olive oil culture which also has ample room for development in our country.

The Author Andrea Perini

Andrea Perini, chef of the restaurant “Al588” in Borgo I Vicelli (Bagno a Ripoli, Fi), is recognized at an Italian and international level as the “chef of extra virgin olive oil” and awarded by the major industry guides for his skill in use. extra virgin olive oil in each of its recipes.

The Curator Marco Gemelli

Marco Gemelli, professional freelance journalist, directs the Il Forchettiere newspaper and collaborates with newspapers and magazines including Il Giornale, Forbes, Food & Travel, Arbiter, Turista Luxury, etc. He is a member of the World Gourmet Society and ASET Toscana.

The Curator Marco Gemelli

Luca Managlia, author and television and radio host, one of those guilty of having brought food back to TV in the current era. He loves culture, history and customs very much, not only in the gastronomic field. Photography is one of his current passions.

The olive tree with a polyconic vase
Giorgio Pannelli, Barbara Alfei

The national olive-growing fabric is largely made up of farms in which the size and type of trees prevent efficient mechanization, resulting in unsustainable production costs. This often leads to the abandonment or lack of care of the olive grove due to low profitability and neglect can lead to the triggering and spread of dangerous diseases.

In this book the authors analyze the supply chain in an agronomic and product sense with educational intentions, proposing a form of farming that simplifies pruning with positive effects on the maximum productive potential of the trees and on the reduction of costs, allowing to adopt adequate mechanizations later. The production of healthy fruit, harvested intact at the right degree of ripeness and promptly destined for extraction, would allow the full economic enhancement of the wide Italian olive biodiversity and a fair remuneration for producers.

Giorgio Pannelli

Giorgio Pannelli has carried out scientific research exclusively in the olive-oil sector for over 34 years at the CREA-OFA in Spoleto, producing over 270 scientific, informative and technical articles.
For over 20 years it has been promoting the best techniques of cultivation and pruning of oil, taking care of the training of workers in the sector and is the owner of the sites and with which it announces the training activity, spreads cultural supports and certifies various levels of professionalism of the operators.

Barbara Alfei

Barbara Alfei is Head of the olive growing sector and Panel Leader at the Marche Agri-food Sector Services Agency (ASSAM). Annually it organizes two important events: the National Pruning Championship for olives grown in polyconic pots and the National Review of single variety oils, with the aim of reviving and enhancing Italian olive growing.
He curates publications and articles in specialized sector journals; teaches in various olive tree pruning and oil tasting courses.

The extraordinary world of extra virgin olive oil

Simona Cognoli, Luciana Squadrilli

A precious ingredient for a healthy and balanced cuisine and very rich in nutritional properties, olive oil has always played a fundamental role not only in nutrition, but in many other fields: from history to myth, from cosmetics to popular pharmacopoeia, from art to music to landscape maintenance and tourism. This book aims to be a useful and pleasant tool of knowledge for those who want to approach this food and discover its different virtues, drop by drop, exploring not only its sensory characteristics, its uses in the kitchen and its remarkable nutraceutical properties, but also its possible applications related to well-being and beauty and the artistic representations with which man has always celebrated it and continues to do so today.

Simona Cognoli

Graduated in Political Science, expert oil taster and owner of the Oleonauta project which enhances and promotes cultural and commercial initiatives on extra virgin olive oil. He carries out training and consultancy activities for companies in the sector and is a member of the jury for important international extra virgin olive oil competitions.

Luciana Squadrilli

Graduated in Communication Sciences from La Sapienza University, she is a professional journalist specializing in food and wine. Oil taster, she collaborates with Marco Oreggia’s guide Flos Olei. He has lectures on the issues of journalism and food and wine communication and has already edited several volumes including the bestseller Marketing of taste for Edizioni LSWR.

The oil
and the other ingredients of our life

Maurizio Pescari

A book dedicated to oil where we don’t just talk about oil. The author follows an ideal guiding thread along which a complete and complex, almost fictionalized story is built, touching on topics of agronomy, physics, economics and marketing, applying them to the last fifty years of Italy, to its changes. From how we were and what we brought with us, to how we are and what we could do. From the value of time to sharecropping, from traditions to habits, from shopping to the daily table. From the evaluation of the past to the construction of the future, following a correct application in agriculture, of strategies and knowledge with man and his business always at the center. The story is interspersed with stories of people and territories, which punctually end with a breakfast, with oil as the protagonist and consequent recipe.

Maurizio Pescari

Maurizio Pescari, journalist and writer, lives in Umbria. He has thirty years of experience in the oil, wine, food and wine and wine tourism sectors. He was also responsible for the creation of “Frantoi Aperti” and the oil tourism project. Lecturer at the Italian University for Foreigners and at the University of Flavors of Perugia, he is the authoritative signature of the information dedicated to the culture of oil and olive growing. He collaborates with Teatro Naturale, and GazzaGolosa.

The family olive grove
Enrico Maria Lodolini, Francesca Mssetani

This manual is aimed at all those looking for basic information on olive biology and how to manage an olive grove for family use in a simple and rational way, to obtain healthy and quality productions.
The text describes the main characteristics of the olive tree, the technical choices for the construction of a new olive grove, the indications for the recovery of an old olive grove and the appropriate cultivation techniques. The procedures for obtaining and storing a good oil for personal consumption and for identifying its main sensory qualities and defects are also discussed; finally, the volume includes advice on the preparation of table olives at home.
The information is conveyed in a clear language accessible to all and accompanied by a rich iconographic apparatus.
The topics are also taken up and deepened in easy-to-consult summary sheets.

Enrico Maria Lodolini

He is a researcher at the Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of the Agricultural Economy (CREA) in the field of olive eco-physiology.
He was a lecturer at the University of Marche and is an Ordinary Member and director of the National Academy of Olive and Oil.

Francesca Massetani

She is an agronomist and a research doctor. She specializes in the applied physiology of fruit plants, with experience at the Polytechnic University of Marche and INRA (France). Lecturer in fruit-related courses and author of numerous popular scientific articles.

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