Extra Virgin Olive Oil and health

What does a quality extra virgin olive oil contain?

Oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids in proportions similar to breast milk.

This combination results in a strong digestibility and protection therefore it is very suitable for children, debilitated people and the elderly.

Phenols and Polyphenols (oleuropein, oleocanthal etc ..) natural antioxidants that limit the formation of abnormal molecules.

It is suitable for all those with pathologies related to dietary imbalances and cardiovascular diseases.

A particular molecule that has analgesic properties and which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory has been isolated from the polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin oil has excellent resistance to high temperatures, reaches a smoke point of 210 ° C.

Vitamin E, polyphenols and oleic acid ensure effective protection against the phenomena of degradation in frying due to oxygen, avoiding the formation of acrolein, a toxic and carcinogenic substance.

The use of extra virgin olive oil involves the release of a physiological signal in the intestine, which links the consumption of fat to the sense of satiety between meals,

great for your diets!

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